Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nuturf pet friendly?

Absolutely! Our synthetic turf is designed specifically with animals in mind. All materials contain drainage holes throughout the entire system to ensure any liquid will dissipate to the sub base. For those #2’s you simply scoop it up just like you would on real grass, Any marks left can be hosed off.


Does the grass get hot?

The grass will definitely be hotter than real grass, but unlike pavers or concrete, synthetic turf will not hold the heat only reflect it.


With so many types of synthetic turf out there, what’s the difference?

Different turfs from different companies will vary greatly. Nuturf will help you decide what the right style, quality, height, face weight, and color scheme will work best for you. Our turf is manufactured right here the U.S. and independently tested for a chemically safe and lead free product ever time ( we’ll show the certification slip for every piece of turf we use).


How is Synthetic turf around pools?

It’s great! no more rocks or grass getting into the pool. Since our turf has drainage holes it is not an issue for overflow water from the pool.


How much water would I really save by using your grass?

According to the water management statistics, 75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use!


What is the maintenance with Synthetic Turf?

Nuturf has little if any maintenance. Clean leafs and debris off with a rake a leaf blower and an occasionally hose off for dirt and your good!


What is Nuturf ‘s warranty?

We warranty our turf for no staining and no fading for 8 years!


How is the grass priced and how much does the grass cost?

The grass is priced on a per square foot basis by taking the length x width. our synthetic turf varies in cost depending on style and type of turf desired. Prices range from $5.00-$7.00 for landscape turf and $7.00-$10.00 for putting greens. Call us or sign up on the contact us page for a FREE in-home Consultation! 602-564-8873


What about mold or mildew?

We use non-absorbing materials and the sub-base is designed to soak up and absorb water insuring mold and mildew will not be an issue.


Can you put lawn furniture, and thing of that nature on the turf?

Definitely! Treat your Nuturf system like you would real grass and take advantage of the fact that the turf will be just as green when you move something off of it as it was when you put it there! for playground purposes, we offer special rubber infill materials that create safer fall zones!

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